Tovolo Ice Cream Tubs & Tools

Store and transport ice cream, sorbet, gelato Everything you need for your next ice cream social! Attractive Ice Cream Tubs make your frozen treats taste and look better. The ice cream tubs are available in quart sizes, individual minis hold 6oz. Reusable, stackable containers are clean and white with a variety of colorful lids. The […]

Peugeot Appolia Ceramic Bakeware

Peugeot Appolia Ceramic Bakeware is among the most versatile bakeware available today. Designed to go directly from the freezer to a preheated oven without risk of thermal shock, the ceramic bakers are beautiful as serving dishes as well. They come in a range of vibrant colors to complement your table, and will keep food warm […]

Tovolo Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids

Tovolo Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids All you need in a set of mixing bowls. Solid yet lightweight, this set of three bowls nests compactly for storage and has tightly fitting lids. The largest bowl is ideal for making bread dough or mixing cookie dough, mixing salads, or assembling your turkey’s stuffing. Use the […]

Tovolo Flex-Core Stainless Spatula Set

The Tovolo Flex-Core Stainless Steel Spatula Set is the perfect kitchen utensil set. If you are tired of warped handles, floppy scrapers, and bulky tools that take up too much space in a drawer, this set answers all of those problems and more. A nylon core adds rigidity to the heat-resistant silicone heads while leaving […]

Tovolo Silicone Slotted Turner

The Tovolo Silicone Slotted Turner is one of the those small items that turn a kitchen chore into a pleasure. It’s stain-resistant silicone head won’t scratch nonstick pans, and its tapered edges let it slide under the edges of fried eggs or delicate cookies. The smooth stainless steel handle feels well balanced and is comfortable […]

Peugeot Maestro Pepper Bar Gift Set

The Peugeot Maestro Pepper Bar Gift Set includes a top quality French-made pepper mill, three interchangeable jars, and samples of three highly sought-after varieties of peppercorns. When it comes to unleashing a pepper’s full bouquet of aroma, power and heat, the size of the grind plays a key role. Maestro is equipped with a patented […]

Endangered Eating: America’s Vanishing Foods

Endangered Eating: America’s Vanishing Foods  A virtual event Monday, Nov 20, 6-7:15 pm with author Sarah Lohman, presented by American Ancestors’ American Inspiration author series in partnership with The Cook’s Cook. Ticket: $40 includes signed copy of the book. An illustrated presentation and moderated discussion on a topic important both to American history and sustainability. (click […]

Lomi Classic Tabletop Composter

What is a Lomi? Lomi is an at-home countertop electric composter. It will compost all your little leftovers and in about four hours turn them into lovely reusable soil. The results differ from aged compost that has been decompoosing for several years. Still, it’s a composting system that eliminates food messes and odors and produces […]

Cali-Baja Cuisine by Michael A. Gardiner

Michael A. Gardiner’s newest book, Cali-Baja Cuisine: Tijuana Tacos, Ensenada Aquachiles, San Diego Cali Burritos + More (Rizzoli 2023) is a long-awaited cookbook that celebrates the cuisine of the Baja borderlands. Also the author of Modern Kosher: Global Flavors, New Traditions (Rizzoli 2020), Michael A. Gardiner is a food writer for the San Diego Tribune, […]

Shun Premier Blonde Paring Knife 4″

At 4 inches long, the Shun Premier Blonde Paring Knife is indispensible for all those hundreds of small kitchen tasks that call for a little finesse. Peel, slice, core, and cut with its thin super-sharp blade. And so pretty to look at and hold, the Shun Premier Blonde Paring Knife will make mundane tasks a […]

Shun Classic Kiritsuke Knife

The Shun Classic Kiritsuke is a multipurpose chef’s knife, the work horse of the kitchen. Julienne, slice, dice, and chop…it works equally well on vegetables, poultry, fish, and meats. Handcrafted in Japan, the Shun Classic Kiritsuke has an 8-inch razor-sharp blade with 34 layers of Damascus cladding on each side. Its D-shaped ebony-finished Pakkawood handle […]

Shun Premier Blonde Santoku

The Shun Premier Blonde Santoku has a shape and size that is a favorite of many cooks and professional chefs. With a 7-inch or 5.5″ blade, it is slightly shorter than a standard chef’s knife, with enough curve to allow a rocking cut. It has a fine, sharp edge and 68 micro layers of Damascus […]