Rasika: Flavors of India

Indian restaurants aren’t particularly hard to find in the United States, but it’s actually quite difficult to find fine dining establishments serving dishes from the subcontinent. Washington D.C.’s Rasika, which is the project of restaurateur Ashok Bajaj and executive chef Vikram Sunderam, is one of those few and serves some of the best Indian food […]

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, 12-in

One of the best things about cast iron pans is that they get better with age, and this Lodge cast iron skillet is no exception. With minor care and regular maintenance this skillet will last literally a lifetime, but the pre-seasoning it comes with makes it ready to use the moment you get it. Suitable […]

8-cup Pyrex Measuring Cup

Is it a measuring cup or is it a mixing bowl? This item is indispensible for measuring large amounts (like stock, soup, cake batters), and is a perfect substitute for any large bowl to whip egg whites or heavy cream. It measures the yield as a bonus.

Plaisir de la Cave 3-in-1 Steel Funnel with Strainer

A wine funnel with a fine mesh filter is a great product for catching small pieces of a broken cork and all but the finest sediment in older wines. The aeration it provides will also open up younger wines. This product can be used with or without the filter.

Oxo Good Grips Multi-Purpose Kitchen & Herbs Scissor

Good kitchen shears are an essential component of any kitchen and are useful for a multitude of tasks, from trimming fine herbs to helping crack small bones and butcher chickens. This model from OXO is made from stainless steel and has microserrations on the blades to help prevent slippage. Importantly, the blades can also completely […]

SAP! Sparkling Soft Drinks

SAP! soft drinks, made from 100% pure tree sap, are sparkling, organic, and have no added sugar. Bottling and carbonating maple and birch tree saps seems like the work of genius because these flavors are excellent. I fell in love with SAP! soft drinks in the heat of summer, but my affection has continued into […]

Victoria Gourmet Honey Aleppo Pepper

It’s hard to invent a spice mixture that truly introduces a new combination of flavors, but Victoria Taylor’s Honey Aleppo Pepper has succeeded beautifully. A blend of honey granules, demerara sugar, sea salt, pepper (including Aleppo pepper), and other spices, the mixture is tantalizingly sweet, hot, and salty. Use it to make flavored butter (see […]

Sumac Spice

Sumac, a reddish-brown spice ground from the fruit of sumac shrubs, is used as a seasoning and condiment in Middle Eastern cuisine. It has a mildly tart, almost lemony, flavor that complements chicken, fish, lamb, and creamy vegetable or yogurt dishes. Salt-free, but with a piquancy that spikes the flavor of whatever it’s put on, […]

The Brewmaster’s Table

When we speak of pairing food and beverages, most would assume the beverage to be wine. Garrett Oliver teaches us that beer is a much more versatile choice. By carmelizing, roasting or smoking grains, brewing offers a lot more versatility. In The Brewmaster’s Table we discover there is beer to complement any meal – whether […]

Tunisian Olive Oil

First published October 2015 The term “terroir” gets bandied about with frequency in the food world but for certain products, such as olive oil, the climate, soil, and other environmental factors do have a considerable impact. Tunisian olives and their oil benefit from rich soil, a warm Mediterranean climate, and bright sunlight, and even amongst […]

Sno-Spice Ice Cream Mix-ins

First published August 2016 I’m always leery of bottled confections because so often they’re laden with stabilizers, preservatives, and large amounts of sugar. The fact that SnoSpice ice cream mix-ins have none of these things gives it a significant advantage over its competitors. The six flavors include Turmeric’d, Lemon + Basil, Deep Chocolate Sea Salt, […]

iSi Thermo Whip

First published December 2014 Virtually all cooks have had the experience of panting over a bowl of heavy cream, whisk clenched in straining fist, arm fatigued from frantic whipping, with the cream still just not quite stiff enough. So, when you hold your iSi Thermo Whip in hand, depress the lever, and reveal a steady […]