Black Cube Cookware

Black Cube cookware are the ultimate in long-lasting nonstick pans. Combining stainless steel and nonstick, they can be used with metal utensils and are oven-safe up to 500°F. Silicone-edged lids provide a tight seal, and a convenient dial at the knob allows for easy venting. For pricing and purchase information, visit  https://direct.frieling.com/Black_Cube_by_Frieling_s/1865.htm

Vegan Slow Cooking Cookbook

In the harried world we live in, finding time to do the things we want to do – and sometimes even the things we need to do – can be a struggle. When our days start before the rooster crows so we are up early enough to fit in excercise time before work, 8 hours […]

Quarter Size Sheet Pan

Quarter size sheet pans, 23 x 30 cm (9 x 12 in) and 2.5 cm (1 in) deep, fit nicely into small ovens and can accommodate a multitude of tasks. I have four of these eminently useful pans. They are perfect for toasting nuts or breadcrumbs, or keeping a few pancakes warm. I also like […]

Aermate Wine and Spirits Aerator

Wines and spirits change when they are exposed to air. Allowing a wine to “breathe” permits sulfites (added to most wines to prevent oxidation) and naturally-occurring carbon dioxide to dissipate. Tannins – chemical compounds that create a sense of roughness on the tongue – soften with exposure to air, and this allows the flavor of […]

Silicone Basting Brush

No more yucky bristles and questionable cleanliness.

Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod

Any experienced globetrotter will tell you that traveling light is the key to happiness. This can pose a challenge, though, particularly when the things you feel you can’t do without are large or bulky. For photographers, the Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod can provide the benefits of a larger tripod, but at a fraction of the […]

ThermoWorks Cooking Thermometers

The kind of thermometer known as an “instant-read” delivers a temperature reading of foods within a matter of seconds. It’s indispensable to any serious cook for taking the temperature of everything from water for proofing yeast to bubbling syrup to a steak on the grill. ThermoWorks cooking thermometers are top-of-the-line thermometers that deliver accurate results, […]

Fruit Fly BarPro

Having been a professional recipe tester for over twenty-five years, I have well-stocked pantries in my basement and kitchen that include grains, nuts, and flours of all kinds. It’s been a constant battle to keep out the nasty little moths, commonly known as “pantry moths,” that eat their way into and out of plastic and […]

Falksalt Sea Salt

Mediterranean Falksalt Sea Salt, from Larnaca, Cyprus, is what is known as a “finishing salt.” Its large pyramid-shaped flakes have a delicate crunch that add texture as well as flavor to hors d’oeurves, seafood, meats, or side dishes. The all-natural flavors — that include rosemary, wild mushroom, chipotle, citron, wild garlic, Karl Johan Mushroom, black, […]

Salter Kitchen Scale

The thought of using a kitchen scale used to seem a bit too exacting for me, as I’m not an exacting kind of cook. But a weekend of baking classes convinced me otherwise. I learned that a cup of flour can vary by an ounce or more in weight, depending on how it’s scooped and […]

Oxo Y Peeler

I’d managed to exist without a Y peeler for many moons, but after using one last Thanksgiving, and solving a problem that vexed me, I am now officially a fan. Peeling the large butternut squash for my T-day casserole often was a knuckle-bruising chore when I used my older swivel peeler. My new Y peeler […]

Jarritos Sodas

As a rule I stay away from sugary drinks, but when hot weather rolls around there are times when I crave a soda. Jarritos sodas were a happy discovery for me. Made in Mexico, they are lightly sweetened only with natural sugar. They come in glass bottles that, pulled cold and dripping from a cooler […]