J. Q. Dickinson Appalachian Mercantile

How do we love these Appalachian Mercantile Box subscriptions of artisanal foods and crafts? Let us count the ways, because we are smitten. If you have wondered how you will accomplish any holiday shopping at all during the pandemic, you can cross all the adults off your list right now by ordering each one a […]

Shun Premier 5-Piece Knife Block Set

Ideal for a small kitchen or any corner where compact knife block would be handy, this 5-piece set from Shun has a small footprint and an impressive set of 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch razor-sharp knives. Handcrafted in Japan, the knives feature walnut-finished PakkaWood handles with a full tang, 16-degree cutting edges, and hand-hammered tsuchime finish. […]

Nautical Scout Collapsible Cookware

Large kitchen or small, there is never enough storage space for pots and pans, which is why we were instantly charmed by Nautical Scout collapsible cookware. Made of sturdy eco-friendly silicone that will not collapse until desired, the stovetop pots have stainless steel bottoms and folding handles for easy storage. We especially love the nesting […]

Rösle: Finest quality kitchen tools since 1888

LOVE. COOK. LIVE. View Rösle fine kitchen products at https://betterhomestores.com/collections/rosle A serious cook needs a serious kitchen torch, and not just for the fun of melting sugar into a glassy candy topping on crème brulee. A torch can be used for browning a fully cooked chicken with too-pallid skin, adding color to meats prepared by […]

Orchestra Provisions Artisan Cricket Seasonings

Orchestra Provisions seasoning blends are our new go-to favorites in the kitchen. The astonishing range of flavors — from Szechuan Cracked Pepper to Chai Spice to Za’atar — is what first attracted our attention, but the nutritional content from the addition of cricket powder is what elevates these from seasoning to ingredient. Ground crickets have […]

2019 Château Minuty Rose et Or and 2019 Château Minuty 281

Château Minuty is one of the most highly regarded producers of rosé wines in all of Provence, which is considered by many the single greatest wine region for the production of that wine. Provence rosés are, in general, known for their pale pinkness, their sometimes almost see-throughness, as if there is nothing liquid in your […]

The Prisoner 2017 Napa Valley Red Wine

Delightful was not a term I thought I’d use in describing this (yes) delightful wine.  Brooding (yes), because I had assumed from its (stellar) reputation as a “big, sexy, fruit bomb” (Robert Parker) and from the label-announced 15.2 percent alcohol that it would hold up its wine-soaked fingers and say, “Slow down, taster; small sips, […]

2019 Château Minuty M Rosé and 2019 Château Minuty Prestige Rosé

If you’re a wine drinker who considers rosé a seasonal pleasure (for me, it’s an any-season wine)…well, it’s summer, people (in the northern hemisphere), so you’d best get to it. There can’t be a better place to start than with these two wines from the renowned Château Minuty. Minuty is an estate in the world’s […]

Two Long-Lost Sisters, Four Wines: The McBride Family Collection

On the back label of each of their four wines, the McBride sisters—Robin and Andréa—tell the unusual origin story of their lives and of their winemaking. Each was raised among vineyards, but these vineyards were 7000 miles apart:  Monterey, California, and Marlborough, New Zealand. The sisters were even further from each other, in that, as […]

Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer

Bon & Viv is a leading brand in the hot new trend of spiked seltzers. At only 90 calories per 12 ounce can, with 0 grams of sugar and no barley or wheat, this alcoholic beverage appeals to the health conscious, gluten-free, low-carb and low-calorie consumer. The fresh, light flavors of Bon & Viv are […]

The Prisoner Wine Company’s Eternally Silenced and Saldo

The Prisoner Wine Company of Napa, California, was created and launched by winemaker Dave Phinney twenty years ago, with a single wine that he called The Prisoner and of which he made only 385 cases. Today, The Prisoner Wine Company (sold ten years ago by Phinney and now owned by Constellation Brands) is a widely […]

Cilio Champagne Stopper and Cilio Wine Stopper

These two almost identical wine accessories are supplied to Frieling USA by the German company Cilio-Tisch. They are called, alternately, Champagne Stopper and Wine Stopper. The German word on the neat little box is Verschluss, which may be translated as seal, fastener, clasp, and, yes, stopper. Each does all of those. The Champagne Stopper is […]