Lomi Classic Tabletop Composter

What is a Lomi?

Lomi is an at-home countertop electric composter. It will compost all your little leftovers and in about four hours turn them into lovely reusable soil. The results differ from aged compost that has been decompoosing for several years. Still, it’s a composting system that eliminates food messes and odors and produces the gift of soil.

Lomi electric home composter was my first experience with composting my food waste to process and reuse. I love not throwing out garbage and instead recycling vegetables and scraps from my kitchen. Lomi is one of the first wave of many products that will give home and apartment dwellers recycling independence. It can’t help but do better than the mass garbage pickup.

To use it, place your organic kitchen refuse and paper into its interior bucket and choose from three cycles to set Lomi for making ready-to-use soil for your garden or planters. The interior pail can be kept on the counter until composting. Lomi is constantly upgrading and has a new Bloom edition with a mobile app and color choices.

During a recent family wedding, my composter caught the eye of my niece, who lives in Vermont with her husband and three active boys. By the following week, she had purchased a composter and was enjoying the world of happy composting.  TheCooksCook Spoon