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An Aperol Spritz and a Cicchetto


Denise Landis

Denise Landis is the founder & CEO of The Cook's Cook.

On a recent hot summery day I wandered in a plaza in the northern Italian town of Treviso.

Aperol Spritz

Photo by Denise Landis

This is the recipe from the makers of Aperol. You can’t get closer to the source than that. Just remember the proportions are 3:2:1.


Put several cubes of ice in a stemmed balloon glass. Add prosecco, Aperol, and soda. Garnish with a slice of orange.

Crema di Parmigiano Spread

Photo by Denise Landis

Be sure to use high quality ingredients in this Crema di Parmigiano spread. You will notice the difference. Note that the intensity of truffle oil can vary, so flavor the mixture cautiously. This spread is excellent served on very thin rounds of red radish that have been soaked in ice water, much the way the French serve radishes with butter. Of course, it is also good with crackers and crusty bread.


In a food processor, chop the cheese into coarse crumbs. Add the oil and wine, and process just until the mixture is in fine crumbs. Taste it; it should have some flavor and aroma of truffle without being overwhelming.

Process again just until the mixture is cohesive but still crumbly. If it forms a paste it will still be excellent, but try to avoid overprocessing. Pack the spread into a container and refrigerate. Allow to warm to a spreadable consistency before serving.