Sonic Foamer

It is widely known that beer from a tap is greatly superior to beer from a can or bottle. Some beers, such as Boddington’s and Guinness, include a device within their cans and bottles designed to recreate the sublime sensation of taking that first sip of that perfect pour, when the beer is fresh and […]

Oxo Scraper/Chopper with metal blade

This is a very versatile tool, great for portioning dough, releasing stuck pastry dough, and especially for cleaning up after kneading dough on a counter or board. I like the leverage a (slightly) flexible carbon steel blade offers, versus the more rigid stainless steel, but it seems they are as scarce as hen’s teeth. Plastic […]

Santa Catarina Azorean Tuna

One of the best parts of traveling is visiting local supermarkets and discovering shelf-stable delicacies. Santa Catarina tuna, from the Portuguese archipelago called the Azores, is a perfect example. While the first thing to catch your eye will likely be the attractive paper-wrapping on the cans, it’s the contents that impress. Hand cut into either […]

Moët & Chandon Rosé Imperial Champagne

Moët & Chandon dresses up this pink-labeled pink (“with amber highlights”) Champagne in a nice pink cardboard box, presumably for Mother’s Day, though I’ve seen it online also in pink for Valentine’s Day.  The packaging implies that this is a wine to be bought by a man for a woman. Maybe. But it can, and […]

Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker

A new item in my kitchen about which I cannot speak highly enough is a simple one. It is a stylish piece of stainless steel, unassuming and aesthetically pleasing. Its purpose is to crush garlic. It requires the palms of one’s hands and a rocking motion. That is all. For me, the most appealing aspect […]

Tamarind Concentrate

The tamarind tree native to Africa and now cultivated in India and Mexico, is used in Indian, Thai, and Mexican cuisines. Its long pods contain large hard seeds surrounded by a sticky, edible, very tart paste. Its flavor adds piquancy to curries, chutneys, marinades, and barbecue sauces — anywhere that a sour, slightly citrusy, accent […]

Ecos Dairy-Free Chocolate Milk

If you think that chocolate milk is for kids, you’ll likely change your mind after tasting Ecos chocolate drink infused with coconut water and coconut milk. With less than half the sugar of traditional chocolate milk, Ecos is rich, very lightly sweet, and lacks the cloying viscosity that chocolate milk can sometimes have. Dairy-free, but […]

Farberware Turkey Lacers

For me, the unassuming turkey lacer is the ultimate ‘tester’ of food doneness. The stainless steel pin slips in and out of the food leaving no big holes, with no loss of juices. Whether testing steaming vegetables, a roasting brisket, or a Brussels sprout, no resistance means “fully cooked.” The lacer is also useful for […]

Tassoni Cedrata Soda

This refreshing thirst quencher from Italy employs the citron’s tannic note for a slightly adult take on lemon soda. Made with sugar and all natural flavors, it has the clear yellow color and fragrance of the citron fruit. Stylishly bottled in a rough textured glass bottle (like the citron’s skin), Cedrata Tassoni Soda has been […]

Tahitian Vanilla Beans

A precious ingredient for bakers, Tahitian vanilla beans make a thoughtful and luxurious gift. They arrive in a vacuum sealed bag, and once opened, will keep for a long time in the freezer. Just wrap them tightly in heavy-duty foil.

Spanish Saffron Mancha

Saffron has a distinct aroma and flavor, which, if it doesn’t dominate a dish, complements the flavor of whatever it is paired with. Saffron comes in different grades. Be sure to buy thread or filament saffron since it’s too easy for the ground to be adulterated with paprika or other ground spices.

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Premier Elite Series Knife with Black Blade and Pakka Wood Handle

Ceramic knives are lightweight and very sharp, great for slicing boneless meats, fish, poultry, and vegetables. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Premier Elite Series, made in Japan, is in the upper strata of ceramic knives, a pleasure to the eye as well as in the hand. Etched black blades and satiny pakka wood handles are not the […]