Tovolo Ice Cream Tubs & Tools

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Store and transport ice cream, sorbet, gelato

Everything you need for your next ice cream social!

4 pack of Tovolo ice cream containersAttractive Ice Cream Tubs make your frozen treats taste and look better. The ice cream tubs are available in quart sizes, individual minis hold 6oz. Reusable, stackable containers are clean and white with a variety of colorful lids. The silicone lids tightly wrap around the lips of the plastic tubs, sealing out air that leads to freezer burn. The tight lids minimize flavor loss. Flexible silicone makes it easy to peel back the lid from ice cream, making it simple to access your ice-cold treats.


Glide-a-Scoop 1.5 and 2.5 quart double-walled BPA-free plastic container seals out ice crystals to keep your ice cream as fresh as the day you made it. Its non-slip base keeps the tub in place in the freezer and allows the perfect scoop since the container won’t slide as you glide the spoon.

Glide-a-scoop container

The Tilt-Up Ice Cream Scoop‘s unique design creates beautiful cones and bowls of gelato, ice cream, and sorbet. The tapered ends cut through frozen treats, and the scoop dispenses it easily. The built-in feet keep the scoop upright, eliminating extra drips. The chrome-plated zinc alloy retains heat, so the metal easily cuts through frozen treats. The ergonomic design provides strength and the weight gives you more leverage for comfortable scooping.

Tovolo’s Stainless Steel Traveler is our favorite product in the Tovolo Frozen category, earning the Editors’ Pick award, Take up to 2 quarts of ice cream, (or soup, appetizers, or lunch) with you wherever you go! The double-walled vacuum-sealed insulated container will keep dishes hot or cold for up to 4 hours.  A durable nylon handle makes it easy to transport your food. The ergonomic handle makes carrying 2 quarts of ice cream easy.. The tight-fitting lid screws off easily and seals tightly when closed preventing freezer burn, leaks, and spills.


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