Peugeot Maestro Pepper Bar Gift Set


Denise Landis

Denise Landis is the founder & CEO of The Cook's Cook.

The Peugeot Maestro Pepper Bar Gift Set includes a top quality French-made pepper mill, three interchangeable jars, and samples of three highly sought-after varieties of peppercorns. When it comes to unleashing a pepper’s full bouquet of aroma, power and heat, the size of the grind plays a key role. Maestro is equipped with a patented U’Select grind adjustment system so you can play around with the intensity of each. Choose from six predefined settings to achieve a range of textures from very fine to coarse.

The Maestro pepper bar is a unique gift for any home cook or professional chef. The pepper varieties in the set include Sikura white peppercorns, and Voatsiperifery and Kampot black peppercorns. An erasable marker allows the jars to be marked and re-labeled as needed.

The experience of tasting these varieties is startling and inspiring. Learn the secrets of chefs worldwide by tasting the pepper distinctive in their cuisines. Sets of empty jars to fit the Maestro Pepper Bar Gift Set are available in packs of three, so a pepper collection can grow according to interest, experimentation, even travel.

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