Tovolo Flex-Core Stainless Spatula Set


Denise Landis

Denise Landis is the founder & CEO of The Cook's Cook.

The Tovolo Flex-Core Stainless Steel Spatula Set is the perfect kitchen utensil set. If you are tired of warped handles, floppy scrapers, and bulky tools that take up too much space in a drawer, this set answers all of those problems and more.

A nylon core adds rigidity to the heat-resistant silicone heads while leaving the edges flexible for scraping, stirring, or lifting. Stainless steel handles are stylish, beautiful, and functional. They feel good in the hand, wash easily, won’t deteriorate, and have a slim space-saving profile.

The set, available in a selection of cheery colors, includes a classic spatula for mixing, scraping, and flipping; a spoonula with a shallow bowl for scooping; jar-scraper spatula; and a mini spatula and spoonula for smaller pans and bowls. Dishwasher safe, a great gift, and ideal for replacing the worn-out utensils cluttering up your kitchen drawers. Available in colors Deep Indigo, Charcoal, and Pesto.

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