Tovolo Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids


Denise Landis

Denise Landis is the founder & CEO of The Cook's Cook.

Tovolo Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids

All you need in a set of mixing bowls. Solid yet lightweight, this set of three bowls nests compactly for storage and has tightly fitting lids. The largest bowl is ideal for making bread dough or mixing cookie dough, mixing salads, or assembling your turkey’s stuffing. Use the smaller bowls for prepping sauces or side dishes, then cover with the snap-on lids and refrigerate until needed.

An outstanding feature of the bowls is that they are 100% stainless steel and can be used as a bain-Marie. Unlike bowls with rubber or silicone bases, these bowls respond quickly to temperature changes, a great advantage in many tasks. Need to melt chocolate or whisk a lemon curd? Set a medium or large bowl so it rests over a pan of simmering water; the water should not touch the bowl. Add ingredients to the bowl and stir or whisk as needed.

Need to quickly chill a cake frosting, seafood, or a cold soup? Set the bowl over a pan of ice cubes so the bottom does touch the ice, and stir or whisk until the mixture is chilled to your liking.

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