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The Cook's Cook December–January 2017 Issue

The theme of our December-January issue is Travel. Our cover chef, profiled by Jacob Dean, is Abraham Conlon, whose Chicago restaurant, Fat Rice, features food inspired by the cuisine of Macau. This issue’s outstanding photos from around the world begin with Joshua Albanese’s cover photo of Chef Conlon, and ends with Eva Baughman’s breathtaking back cover of the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland.

Christine Burns Rudalevige takes us time-traveling by examining historical recipes. Niloufer Mavalvala takes us on a culinary walking tour through London. Irvin Lin shares his amazement at the variety of fruit in the Hawaiian Islands, and Annabel Hughes shares descriptions and photos of local ingredients she cooks with in Zambia, Africa, at The Elephant Café.

When forager Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen takes his family on the road for their annual trip from Texas to Minnesota, the edible bounty they pass along the way provide beauty, an education for his young daughters, and an occasional snack.

Before taking your own family on the road, read Matthew Locricchio’s advice on how to prepare your children for trying the foods of other cultures. For more home-bound adventures, Dr. Nevin Stewart offers detailed instructions on making cider, Sarah Anderson impresses her children with cricket pasta, and Nettie Cronish and Cara Rosenbloom share extraordinary vegan recipes featuring beans, nuts, and seeds.

Read about how Chef Kerry Altiero and farmer Anne Perkins plot their growing season at Headacre Farm in Maine, and how agricultural commissions give farmers a voice in government.

This issue brings us to the end of three years of publication. We’re celebrating, with plans for great things to come in 2017 and beyond. Stay tuned.


Blog of the Month: Olives for Dinner

I was drawn to Erin’s blog initially because her recipes put a creative vegan twist on Asian recipes -- such as Crispy Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts, Vegan Crab Rangoon, Sweet and Sticky Cashew Tofu -- and the photography was lovely. My interest grew when I read in her profile that she came to veganism as a result of her long-held support of the ethical treatment of animals and that she differentiates herself from vegans who desire dietary perfection. Her laid back philosophy and enthusiasm for developing plant-based recipes that taste great made me want to get into the kitchen, pronto. As she puts it -- after making clear that she enjoys a wholesome, balanced diet -- “the recipes you’ll find on this blog may not always be 100% healthy, but they are all 100% vegan.”

 ~Eva Baughman


Readers Write: 7 Simple Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

Human beings can eat a wide variety of foods, but that does not mean that they are equally fit for human consumption.  There are ideal foods for humans that, in addition to being nourishing, help maintain health and prevent diseases. At the same time there are diets that can lead to an onset of lifestyle-related ailments.  A change in your diet can be the key to unlocking the door to high-level health. Below are 7 […]