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The Cook's Cook October-November 2015 Issue

This, our eleventh issue, brings exciting changes to The Cook’s Cook.

In this issue, which focuses on kitchens, Alex Witchel profiles Chef Eric Korsh of New York City’s North End Grill, where the kitchen includes a wood-burning grill and a plancha. Writing from Washington, DC, another chef, Michael Bonk of The Pig, explains the credos that have shaped his career in the kitchen.

Photographer Andrew Scrivani describes the pleasure of collecting kitchenware for photo shoots, and ceramicist Ute Tellini writes about making pottery to hold the food she cooks. Married to each other as well as their work, photographers Simon and Tammar Rothstein offer advice for photographers launching new careers.

Mara Lubans-Othic writes about the curious case of Oregon terroir, forager Ellen Zachos offers a recipe for silverberry fruit leather, and John Lubans reveals where to find great potato pancakes in Latvia. Learn how to choose the right variety of apple tree for your home orchard, what you should know about cooking for your pet, and how to make the best flaky buns for pork-and-slaw sliders. Concerned about the quality of your town’s water? Activist Ali Berlow explains how to take action.

Matcha tea, Tunisian olive oil, a ’75 Tulocay Cabernet Sauvignon, duck confit, tiki bar drinks, a review of Molly Gilbert’s Sheet Pan Suppers, a vegan stew for the slow-cooker, and gluten-free pakoras. You’ll find all of those, and more, in this issue.


Blog of the Month: Korean Bapsang

Hyosun Ro is a Korean-American woman living and working in Washington, DC. She began her blog, Korean Bapsang (Korean Table), as a way to teach her children, now young adults, about Korean home cooking. Her appealing recipes, accompanied by attractive photos and clear instructions, are mouth-watering and look eminently do-able. Fascinating information about Korean food and culture—don’t miss the August 19th post about temple food and Hobak Mandu (zucchini dumplings)—provides pleasurable reading and inspiration. ~Eva Baughman


Readers Write: This is Kitchen!

Wanna be a chef? Do you watch the big network and cable cooking shows and competitions and think to yourself, “I want to do that! I want to create innovative recipes and presentations and sell them to the people and make lots of money and maybe one day, if I play my cards right, become […]