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The Cook's Cook February–March 2016 Issue

With this issue we begin our third year of publishing The Cook’s Cook: A Magazine for Cooks, Food Writers & Recipe Testers. In celebration we have reached out to accomplished food writers to ask what they have learned that they would like to pass along to the community of their peers. Over fifty food writers have offered their advice.

We have feature articles as well. Rick Rodgers is almost as much a household name as the celebrities he works with, and his article Celebrity Cause—Spotlight on the Celebrity Cookbook is about how working with celebrities came to be one of his specialties.

In The Millennium Tree, Jacob Dean tells about his trip to Tunisia and gives a look at the Tunisian olive oil industry and its meaning to the Tunisian economy.

Scientist Kevin Folta writes about research into high-flavor tomatoes and the effort to preserve and recreate the best qualities of heirloom tomatoes.

In our Family Meal column, Elaine Nollet describes a reunion in Maine of women who had shared life in Turkey many years before.

In The Odd Bottle, J.D. Landis shares his experience of an “old, cheap, astounding” 1983 Guigal Côtes du Rhône Rouge and what you might find in a recent vintage.

Don’t miss Bird is the Word!, the funny and sweet full-page comic inside every back cover, by RMDery. You’ll also find Bird in a new comic every week on our website.

Our front cover was designed by Debra J. Tillar, our back cover photo is by Eva Baughman, and, as always, you’ll find beautiful photography throughout the magazine.


Blog of the Month: Cake Over Steak

Sara Cornelius unashamedly admits that, given the choice, she would eat cake rather than steak. A full-time graphic designer,  she has made regular blog posts since 2013 about her love of food (especially, but not exclusively, sweets) and her cookbook addiction. Other entertaining posts  include family genealogy (complete with a charming family tree illustration), travel abroad, and a series of Instagram inspired paintings, derived over months, from her daily commute. "Finding beauty everywhere" describes her work well and makes for very pleasant reading and cooking inspiration for her followers.

 ~Eva Baughman