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The Cook's Cook August–September 2016 Issue

Welcome to our August-September issue, featuring Jacob Dean’s interview with Kate Phann, corporate chef for the international Thai restaurant chain Mango Tree, in “Cracking the Bamboo Ceiling.”

The theme of this issue is Back-to-School, celebrating the joys of the return to the school year. Summer “vacation” was created to serve the needs of family farmers, and for many it still serves that purpose, as Sarah Anderson explains in “The Seasons of a Family Farm.”

The transition to school and cooler weather is a good time to get your kids in the kitchen. Judy Chan’s article “Chinese Fairy Tale Feasts” provides inspiration with Chinese recipes for exciting snacks your kids will love.

Just because your child is going off to college doesn’t mean your concern about what he or she will be eating comes to an end, as Christine Burns Rudalevige attests in “College Food Angst: A Mother’s Tale of Woe.”

For many, a college education means culinary school. For those who are dreaming of a future as a professional chef, we offer three essays by those who have been first-year culinary students and survived to tell their tales.

Also in this issue you’ll find Vasilka Nicolova’s recollection of (and recipe for) her mother’s Bulgarian baklava, and Niloufer Mavalvala’s memory of the “drumstick tree” that grew outside her window in Pakistan, with a recipe for a curry using moringa, the savory fruit of that tree.

J.D. Landis explains why he’s a sucker for his “Odd Bottle” of Tim Adams 1997 Semillon, Leda Meredith writes about why foraging is not just a fad, and Stacie Goldin encourages us to add nutritious insect protein powder into our diets.

Steve Carlson writes about how to make your own hot sauce from home-grown peppers. Eva Baughman gives instructions on how to make ice cubes with flowers in them, and Regina Baraban shares Chef Venoy Rogers’ “conscious” cocktails.

Don’t forget to check out Editors’ Picks, about some of our favorite products. You’ll find your favorite foraging seagull, Bird, on our last page, and this issue’s beautiful back cover of an afterschool snack has an added bonus – a great recipe for chocolate chip cookies that you’ll find inside.


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Peach Pie Bars

Blog of the Month: A Little Saffron

Julia Child once said “People who love to eat are always the best people.” This breezy blog by Ileana Morales Valentine, a food writer for the Tampa Bay Times and a prize winning photographer, is testament to that. Whether at home enjoying a cookout with friends, collaborating with 25 other bloggers on summer potluck recipes at #soletspigout or traveling to culinary hot spots and posting about the very best things she ate and drank that year, this young woman is fun to be around! Her eclectic assortment of recipes: peach pie bars, caramel barbecued ribs, Danny’s (puff pastry wrapped, boursin stuffed) shrimp to name a few, are accompanied by gorgeous photographs and well written instructions. Her joie de vivre is a side dish you’ll enjoy, too. ~Eva Baughman