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The Pakistani-American Kitchen

by Sarah Sheikh Bridge

It’s 1971 in New York City. My dad, 24, gets off a plane at JFK and heads straight to Harvey’s Seafood Restaurant in Manhattan. With a paper bib tied around his neck he cracks into a giant plate of lobster and crab dripping in clarified butter – his very first meal on U.S. soil. Welcome…

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From Texas to Minnesota: A Forager on the Road

by Mark Vorderbruggen, PhD

“Eyes on the road, Dad.” “What makes you think they weren’t?” I reply to my 13-year old daughter. “I saw the chicory and figured you’d be staring at it, too. You love that plant,” is her answer. “You look at plants too much!” pipes up my other daughter, a 10-year-old who’s constantly looking for ways…

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The Scoop on Agents

by Lisa Ekus

Since 2000, The Lisa Ekus Group has been offering personalized, detail-oriented literary services to veteran authors and newcomers (read first-time authors) alike. Our agency represents more than 175 authors and has successfully guided more than 350 books into print.

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Science in the Kitchen: Making Yogurt Ice Cream

by Sai Pathmanathan, PhD

As parents and educators, we want the younger generation to learn useful life skills such as cooking. We want them to eat healthy foods in the face of temptations like candy bars, cake pops, and ice cream. The World Health Organization estimates that by 2025, 70 million children globally will be overweight and at risk…

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Feeding the Restaurant Crew

by Ben Hasty

Note from the Editor: When the staff of a restaurant is fed by the chef, it’s called a “family meal,” and with good reason: the staff of a restaurant is indeed much like a family. Here, Chef Hasty describes his experiences with family meals and what he serves his crew at his restaurant Thistle Pig,…

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Editors’ Picks

Tools, foods, cookware, tableware – all the things we love for the kitchen and table. We all have “favorite things.” Here our editors have shared some of the kitchen and home items that may have made their cooking experience more enjoyable, may remind them of being in grandmother’s kitchen, or might be a favorite to include in […]

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