The Cook's Cook April-May 2015 Issue

The theme for our April-May issue is Restaurants and Chefs, and we are privileged to bring to you New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells, interviewed and profiled by Jacob Dean, his (under)cover portrait painted by famed New York muralist Arnie Charnick.

For more on that theme, become educated about how to choose a restaurant location, take a look into the world of a traveling private chef, and keep an open mind as you’re informed of the growing popularity of edible insects in restaurants in North America.

Read about an African bush kitchen, share a reminiscence of a childhood on the island of Formentera, and learn about the traditional Southern American diet that is much healthier than you might think. You’ll find Caribbean recipes from St. Kitts, spring cocktails from Boston, and will discover how to stalk wild greens to make the Greek dish hortopita.

In this issue we have a recipe for Kefir Fermented Doughnuts, an explanation of how Paleo and Vegan diets share many of the same values, and a primer on gluten-free coatings for baked and fried foods. Cooking with children? You’ll find tips on how to combine science, math, and cooking in a STEM curriculum. Wondering if food writers need copyright protection? See The Advice Column for the answer. And don’t miss our compelling book reviews, intriguing opinion column, informative product reviews, and—as always–gorgeous photography.

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Blog of the Month: Panning the Globe

Lisa Goldfinger is an artist turned food writer who says she wants to introduce her followers to "the most delicious recipes in the world."  This sounds ambitious but the proof is in the pudding. Her posts, like Fusion Salmon Niçoise Salad and Reina Pepiada: Arepas with Chicken and Avocado, certainly look both beautiful and delicious and are accompanied by plenty of background information to whet the appetite for food and travel. Across the top of her home page she has listed continents of the world; click on one and the countries, about which she has posted and provided recipes, drop down.  While this blog may not have the slickest look, with ads that are a bit obtrusive, the food and writing keep me coming back. Lisa is an enthusiastic proponent of broadening one's horizons and leads delicious virtual tours via her blog. Bon voyage! ~Eva Baughman


Readers Write: A Blended Food Family

My husband, son, and I are a blended family. I am not talking about a previously married or divorced-and-remarried kind of family; we are a food-blended family of meat-eaters and a vegetarian…I work a full-time job, and making two meals every night–one for them and one for me–is not in the cards. To ease this period of my day I have adapted plant-based meals so that they are also meat-friendly. I can cook once and feed everyone!


The Cook's Blog: Chicken Parmesan

There are plenty of traditional American foods with which to celebrate autumn, cold weather, the harvest, and the oncoming holidays. But when you’ve had enough of apples, corn, squash, and cider, a hearty Italian-style recipe provides a welcome break while still fitting the prescriptives of the season…Chicken Parmesan is an excellent dish for serving to a crowd. You can serve it (as I prefer to) accompanied by pasta generously dressed in best-quality olive oil, minced raw garlic, minced parsley or basil, and freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano.


Video: Heartbeet Lifesharing

Heartbeet is a vibrant lifesharing Camphill community and licensed therapeutic residence that includes adults with developmental disabilities and interweaves the social and agricultural realms for the healing and renewing of our society and the earth. Community members live and work together, in beautiful extended family households, forming a mutually supportive environment that enables […]