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The Cook's Cook April–May 2016 Issue

Our theme for this issue is Cookware, celebrating kitchen pans and gadgets old and new.

We also have stories for you about foods from around the world.

Chef Deborah Hansen is a Boston native who first visited Spain as a student, and subsequently spent eight years living and working there. Her profile, written by Jean Kerr, with photos by Eva Baughman, explains her passion for the “small plates” of Spain.

Off the coast of Portugal, writes Jacob Dean, farm-to-table has historically been a necessity. He explains why this has been so, and why there is increasing attention paid to the food traditions of the Azores.

Writing about the cuisine of another part of the globe, Niloufer Malvalvala describes the art of Parsi cooking, which has been shaped by the ancient cultures of Persia and India.

In Italy, strands of pasta are often cut using a “chitarra” (guitar), constructed of a wooden frame fitted with equally-spaced wires. Dave Bayer, a Professor of Mathematics at Columbia University, decided to make his own. His article “Making a Pasta Guitar” describes his efforts and provides links to help if you decide to follow suit.

There’s a lot of information available on choosing egg-laying chickens, but what if you’d like to raise chickens for the table? Gail Damerow offers detailed information on how to make the right choice for your backyard coop.

In “Ode to the Peel,” Chef Kerry Altiero delivers an homage to his favorite kitchen tool, a baking paddle he customizes himself. In “Black Magic,” Chef Sasha Shor waxes poetic about her favorite pan, a cast-iron skillet.

In our Dry Goods section we offer Editors’ Picks, some of our favorite kitchen tools.

Kids will enjoy 12-year-old Emma Farrer’s article on how to make French toast. If you’ve been wondering about how to add more protein to your vegan diet, Terry Hope Romero has advice and recipes. Read about antipasto, shad and shad roe, Cape Cod cocktails made with local ingredients, an Odd Bottle of ’77 Chalone Chardonnay, and spring foraging for fiddlehead ferns.

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Blog of the Month: Cake Over Steak

Sara Cornelius unashamedly admits that, given the choice, she would eat cake rather than steak. A full-time graphic designer,  she has made regular blog posts since 2013 about her love of food (especially, but not exclusively, sweets) and her cookbook addiction. Other entertaining posts  include family genealogy (complete with a charming family tree illustration), travel abroad, and a series of Instagram inspired paintings, derived over months, from her daily commute. "Finding beauty everywhere" describes her work well and makes for very pleasant reading and cooking inspiration for her followers.

 ~Eva Baughman