The Cook’s Cook April-May 2014 Issue

Welcome to the second issue of The Cook’s Cook, the first magazine written for aspiring and professional food writers and recipe testers.

Our cover features Marja Vongerichten, cookbook author and host of the television show The KimChi Chronicles. Inside you will find guidance on how to find a job in the food world (“Making Dough”), will read about California Zinfandels (“From My Cellar”), and learn about the hilarity and heartbreak of raising chickens (“Raising Chickens: A Tragicomedy”). Read sage advice from the New England Culinary Institute to a culinary student preparing to graduate, learn how to make the best gluten-free foccacia you’ve ever had, and consider an impassioned plea for introducing insects into our diets.

In our pages you’ll find interesting products, opinion, reviews, feature articles, and more – you’ll even love our ads.


Sriracha: A Documentary Film

In June 2013, when Illinois filmmaker Griffin Hammond proposed a documentary about Sriracha hot sauce, over 1,000 fans pre-ordered the film within one month. Filmed in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Si Racha, Thailand, Hammond explains the origins of the sauce and profiles David Tran, the man who made “rooster sauce” a staple in American kitchens.


Blog of the Week: Domenica Cooks

This is a lovely blog, skillfully written by Dominica Marchetti, long time journalist and food writer. She is the author of five cookbooks about Italian cooking, the most recent being The Glorious Vegetables of Italy. Dominica writes in a way that makes you feel like you are listening to a good, kind, and very interesting friend. Her recipes [...]


Readers Write: A Czechoslovakian Appetizer from Alena Surgeon

I started cooking when I was six years old, growing up in Czechoslovakia. I wasn’t like other children, who read story books. Instead, I loved to look at cookbooks and the photos of food, imagining how the recipes were made. I dreamed about how they were put together and cooked to look like the pictures. [...]


how2heroes: Duck Confit

Confit (pronounced con-fee) originated as a French method of preserving meat. Now it’s just a way to make delicious, fall-off the bone duck. In this version, duck is salt cured and then cooked slowly in rendered fat, resulting in incredible flavor. This method also works well with chicken, pork and goose. Eat with a salad, add to sandwiches, serve with charcuterie. Lots of options!


The Cook's Blog: Penne alla Vodka

I have to confess that for a while in my early adulthood, when I lived alone, my “signature” dish was one involving a can of mushroom soup combined with canned tuna and raw chopped onion, served over cooked spaghetti. Someone – I’ve forgotten who – taught me to make this, and I liked it because [...]