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The Cook's Cook June–July 2016 Issue

The theme of this issue is The Great Outdoors, with a profile by Regina Baraban about Allen Susser, a Miami chef who is famous for al fresco dinners made with ingredients from the farmers market. Another tale about outdoor dining comes from Annabel Hughes in Africa, who explains how she came to be dining with the elephants near her home in Zambia.

Wondering what there will be left to eat after the environmental apocalypse? Forager Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen, PhD, tells us what plants will survive to be tasty ingredients in your bunker kitchen. Jean Kerr describes how to dig for soft-shelled clams, and Debbie Baughman reminisces about camping with her family in the late 1960s.

Matt Dicks relates a poignant tale about an ambitious plan to cook pizza over a grill weighed against the risk of going hungry. For Laurie Zwaan, the outdoor life was bound with raising bees at her family’s apiaries in Vermont.

Vegan food writer Richa Hingle gives instructions on how to throw an Indian-themed party inside or outdoors. Eva Baughman shares recipes for the perfect summer cocktail and mocktail. J.D. Landis writes about the ’84 Congress Springs Cabernet Sauvignon.

Noted demographer Peter Francese offers surprising information on the rise of the lone diner in restaurants. Lynn Felici-Gallant writes about the Vancouver Club in British Columbia, an urban restaurant where fresh ingredients are gardened just a few flights up. Cooking instructor Sai Pathmanathan gives an easy recipe that allows children to make frozen yogurt without an ice cream maker or freezer.

Here’s to good times around the table, indoors or out.

Peach Pie Bars

Blog of the Month: A Little Saffron

Julia Child once said “People who love to eat are always the best people.” This breezy blog by Ileana Morales Valentine, a food writer for the Tampa Bay Times and a prize winning photographer, is testament to that. Whether at home enjoying a cookout with friends, collaborating with 25 other bloggers on summer potluck recipes at #soletspigout or traveling to culinary hot spots and posting about the very best things she ate and drank that year, this young woman is fun to be around! Her eclectic assortment of recipes: peach pie bars, caramel barbecued ribs, Danny’s (puff pastry wrapped, boursin stuffed) shrimp to name a few, are accompanied by gorgeous photographs and well written instructions. Her joie de vivre is a side dish you’ll enjoy, too. ~Eva Baughman