The Cook’s Cook June-July 2014 Issue

Welcome to the third issue of The Cook’s Cook: A Magazine for Cooks, Food Writers & Recipe Testers.

In this issue we bring you a profile of cookbook author and food activist Bryant Terry, by Georgeanne Brennan. Restaurateur, TV show host, and cookbook author Su-Mei Yu gives a look at the changing world of Thai cooking. Award-winning authority on Greek cuisine, Diane Kochilas, renders a fascinating account of what it’s like to develop recipes for Molyvos, a great Greek restaurant in New York City.

Wine Editor J.D. Landis describes the surprise of an oxidized Alsatian wine. Cookbook author Jeff Rogers shares the secret of making creamy dairy-free ice cream, and Nancy Hinton, chef at Les Jardins Sauvages, a Quebec restaurant specializing in foraged foods, describes the excitement of foraging for wild spring greens. In this and every issue of The Cook’s Cook you’ll find recipes, advice, opinion, articles on wine, beer, and spirits, product reviews, tutorials, and more.


Movie Review: Fed Up

Fed Up, which premiered in theaters on May 9th, is the latest entry in the world of curated dystopian shock-umentaries which focus on how our eating habits are eventually going to turn us into the lazy floating blob-people from Pixar’s WALL-E. That description might sound somewhat critical, but here’s the thing: they got it right. They got it so, so right.


Blog of the Week: Aglaia’s Table

This intriguing blog, lovingly produced by cookbook author and culinary professional, Aglaia Kremezi, a former journalist and fashion photographer, has a lot to offer. There's great writing about the idyllic Greek island of Kea in the Cyclades archipelago, unique, well-written recipes - including some which use foraged ingredients from the area - and it's all tied together with gorgeous photography. You'll make the acquaintance of a very talented and creative guide to the Mediterranean lifestyle when you visit Aglaia's Table. ~Eva Baughman


Readers Write: Moloka‘i Purple Sweet Potato Piele

Uala, or sweet potato, was one of the original plants brought to the Hawaiian Islands by the first Polynesian settlers. It was and still remains a staple in the Hawaiian diet, with ancient Hawaiians cultivating close to 200 different varieties.


Video: Food for All DC

What a great way to spend a Saturday morning — helping to deliver food to home-bound people in need. If you don’t live in the Washington DC area, Food for All DC may inspire you to begin a similar organization in your own city or town.


The Cook's Blog: Penne alla Vodka

I have to confess that for a while in my early adulthood, when I lived alone, my “signature” dish was one involving a can of mushroom soup combined with canned tuna and raw chopped onion, served over cooked spaghetti. Someone – I’ve forgotten who – taught me to make this, and I liked it because [...]