John Boos Maple Reversible Cutting Board

John Boos chop-n-slice maple reversible cutting board is a great addition to anyone’s kitchen. At 20 by 15 inches, it can accommodate large cuts of meat or pastry, pizza, and fresh pasta doughs that need to be rolled way out.

Sumptuous Syrups

I was shopping at my local distillery and noticed some small bottles beside my favorite bourbon and rum. They were bottles of Sumptuous Syrups. If you thought maple was the only delicious syrup to come from Vermont, you should stop what you’re doing and go to Sumptuous Syrups are rich, concentrated simple syrups, made from […]

GrowlerWerks uKeg Growler

The GrowlerWerks uKeg is such a beautiful device that a bartender at a brewery once called it “the Belle of the ball,” and let me skip the line in order to get it filled. Using a system which pressurizes the interior of the growler using food-grade CO2 cartridges, the uKeg keeps beer fresh for weeks. This is […]

Excalibur Dehydrator

For those who have fruit trees or gardens and wish to preserve the bounty, in a snack-y way, a dehydrator is a marvelous tool. Dehydrating is also a way to turn your harvest into unusual gifts for others. The Excalibur brand has several variations, from color to stainless steel, and capacity size from four trays […]

Monin Syrups and Fruit Purées for the Bar

Standard in commercial bars and restaurants, Monin products are a boon to the home bar as well, with fresh true flavors. The purées have the texture of muddled fruit, the syrups are concentrated and lively. Monin offers a wide range of fruit and other flavors. Nut and sugar-free syrups are also available. Pumps, purchased separately, make […]

Vin Garde Valise Grande Rolling Wine Suitcase

Fly or otherwise travel with up to twelve 750 ml safely-protected bottles of wine in Vin Garde’s hard-sided polycarbonate-shell travel suitcase with four spinner wheels and retractable handle. If you travel with fewer than 12 bottles you can use the freed space for clothing or other items. Weighs under 50 pounds fully loaded with wine. […]

ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide Circulator

Sous vide, a cooking method which involves gently poaching vacuum sealed meats and vegetables in a temperature controlled water bath, used to belong exclusively in the realm of high end kitchens due to both exorbitant costs and bulky equipment. Thanks to miniaturization and improvements in technology, it’s now easy to sous vide food at home, […]

The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science

If I had to pick one source of information that has informed my cooking beyond all others, it would be Kenji Lopez-Alt of the website Serious Eats. Kenji’s blog-within-a-website, The Food Lab, combines technique, food science, and basic cooking know-how in a way which is simultaneously masterful and home-cook friendly. While Serious Eats is studded […]

Misen Knife Set

Misen (named for the French cooking expression “mise en place” which refers to prepping ingredients for service) has done something wholly remarkable by creating well-made, chef-quality knives for a fraction of the typical cost. Just $165 will get you their full set, a chef’s knife, bread knife, and paring knife, and boy oh boy are […]

Large Grill Basket by Weber

These roomy grill baskets make it possible, even easy, to grill a mess of vegetables or several ears of corn alongside some ribs or chicken for a patio party. Cut or sliced to suit, vegetable pieces can cook and char a bit, dripping off extra juices. There’s no worry that they’ll fall into the fire. […]

Allsop Home & Garden Indoor/Outdoor Solar Lanterns

Allsop Home and Garden solar lanterns are designed to be used indoors or outdoors, and their crinkley Tyvek fabric and delicate punched patterns will add a festive touch to any space year-round. Lightweight, they are easy to hang for holiday parties in unexpected places like bathrooms, hallways, or near a coat rack. In warm seasons or climates, their subtle […]

Cutlery Pendant

This delicate cutlery pendent, (available in 14 carat gold or sterling silver) was custom designed by noted Maine coast jewelry maker David Virtue, for the Cook’s Cook Contributing Editor Jean Kerr. Although it’s not a large piece it makes a bold statement. It has started more than one fascinating culinary conversation! To order visit and look for item […]