Shun Premier Grey Nakiri

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The new Shun Premier Grey Nakiri knife is handcrafted in Japan.

It is the ideal kitchen knife for slicing and dicing most every fruit and vegetable in your kitchen, from apples to zucchini.

A nakiri is a Japanese-style vegetable knife. Due to its straight blade, edge, and spine, the nakiri is not rocked like a chef’s knife. Instead, use a push cut by moving the knife down and forward while keeping the edge parallel to the cutting surface.

Whether you are preparing vegetables for salad or stir-fry or just using it for all-purpose food prep, you will love using the Shun Premier Grey Nakiri.

  • This beautiful knife is perfect for processing vegetables, fruits, and foods of all kinds
  • VG-MAX cutting core; the latest in the VG line of “super steels”; wear resistant, corrosion resistant, holds a fine, sharp edge; 16° each side
  • 68 micro layers of Damascus cladding look beautiful, support and protect the core
  • Hammered TSUCHIME finish helps release food easily when cutting
  • Stylish, grey PakkaWood® handle is contoured for comfort and control; resists moisture

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