Oxo Y Peeler

I’d managed to exist without a Y peeler for many moons, but after using one last Thanksgiving, and solving a problem that vexed me, I am now officially a fan. Peeling the large butternut squash for my T-day casserole often was a knuckle-bruising chore when I used my older swivel peeler. My new Y peeler bit easily into the squash skin and rode along its curves, peeling effortlessly from top to bottom. Because my hand position was above — rather than alongside — the squash, there was no clearance problem with its wide girth. The sharpness of the peeler gave me excellent control with no unexpected skids — or rapped knuckles! Also, the Y peeler may be used with either hand.

I’ll admit that part of the problem with my old swivel peeler was that it was dull. I hadn’t noticed, since most tasks — like peeling the skin from carrots and cucumbers — still were easily completed. Then one day I noticed how ragged the blade surface of my swivel peeler was and realized why the tool was not up to more challenging tasks.

I recommend having both a swivel and a Y peeler in your arsenal as one may be better for different chores.

Above all, keep a keen eye on the condition of your peeler’s blade — as with a knife, its proper sharpness will make your work more pleasurable and safer.

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Gin and It

I used my Y peeler to thinly peel lemon rind to garnish this cocktail I’ve adapted from Jamie Oliver’s recipe. Definitely not a dry martini, but still delicious!

50 ml gin (I used Tanqueray)
50 ml dry vermouth (I used Dolin Blanc Vermouth)
Dash of orange bitters (I used Peychaud’s Bitters)
Lemon peel garnish

1. Chill a martini glass.

2. Combine gin, vermouth and bitters in a cocktail shaker glass with 8 or 9 ice cubes, stir gently to chill. Strain into the martini glass and garnish with a piece of lemon peel after first gently squeezing it, skin side down, above the cocktail to release some of the lemon oil.