Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker

A new item in my kitchen about which I cannot speak highly enough is a simple one. It is a stylish piece of stainless steel, unassuming and aesthetically pleasing. Its purpose is to crush garlic. It requires the palms of one’s hands and a rocking motion. That is all.

For me, the most appealing aspect of this garlic press, besides its slick appearance, is the fact that I can crush garlic quickly and remove it from the press quickly. I don’t need to dig my fingernails into the mashed garlic pulp to remove it. This usually stings my fingertips. Unlike others I have owned, this press is easy to clean. After scraping off the garlic bits that have pushed up through the small holes, I simply run it under hot water and it’s ready for another use.

The Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker is affordable ($10-14) and worth every penny. It takes up about the same space as a soup spoon. It’s smooth to the touch and it’s satisfying to use.