Handle-less Salad Servers

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson is a poet, English tutor and leads creative writing workshops at her venue, The Word Barn in Exeter, New Hampshire, USA.

My handle-less salad servers garner more comments from friends at potlucks or in my home than any other kitchen utensil I own. I love them because of their aesthetic and practical qualities. Despite requiring the same hand motion as one uses with a more standard-sized salad serving fork, they somehow seem more practical and efficient. There is
something satisfying about the smooth texture of the wooden handles in the palms of my hands. Depending on the size of the salad bowl, these servers can make a statement by taking up much of the visual space in the bowl, or they can sit unobtrusively inside the bowl, just barely visible. If you are looking to toss things up a bit, try these unique

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