FoodSaver Vacuum Seal System

As a hunter and gatherer, it is important to have a way to preserve what I harvest – whether it is game I have hunted, fruits that have grown on my trees, or vegetables I have tended to in my garden. A vacuum seal system is an incredible tool. I bought my first FoodSaver when my daughter was just a baby. She is looking at colleges now, so that model has served me very well.

Over the summer, with fruit trees laden with peaches and pears and a garden spilling over, I knew it was time for a new model. There are a lot more choices for vacuum sealers now than there were when I purchased my first one. I selected the Model 2840. It was larger than my last model but conveniently flips up (and locks in place) to save space. It has two speeds, options for Dry or Moist and a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. There is also a handy compartment right in the unit, which not only stores the bags but allows for cutting them to the right size. Bought as a package, it also contained bags and an accessory hose (for hard-sided accessories, when bags will not suffice).

Whether you hunt, fish, garden or just like to purchase food in bulk, this is a great item to have in any kitchen.

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