Blackened Forked Salad Set by Jonathan’s Spoons

Courtesy photo

The Cook’s Cook offered the Lazy Spoon as an Editors’ Pick two years back. It was a great product and something I certainly thought would be a good gift for any – or all – of the cooks on my gift list. So I visited their website to see what other products they offered and fell in love with the Blackened Forked Salad Set.

These utensils, like all of Jonathan’s Spoons, are made of cherry wood. They are sturdy, unique and easy to care for.

Ordering online at their website is easy – and shipping is fast. I received my order in two days. Jonathan’s Spoons are sold at a large number of retailers around the globe, though this particular set may not be available at all locations. Check the website to find a Jonathan’s Spoons products retailer near you.

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