Vegan Slow Cooking Cookbook

Mediterranean Vegetable and Bean Stew Photo credit: Carla Kelly

In the harried world we live in, finding time to do the things we want to do – and sometimes even the things we need to do – can be a struggle. When our days start before the rooster crows so we are up early enough to fit in excercise time before work, 8 hours at the office, then straight to childrens’ sports practices and grocery shopping, is it any wonder it can be a challenge to enjoy a delicious meal and healthful meal when we’re arriving home after 7 pm?
Growing up, my mom used a slow cooker, but it was typically only for beef stew or chili. When I started cooking for my own family, I realized there are so many other fantastic meals to cook in a slow cooker!
My family are definitely carnivores and we do eat plenty of meat. But Carla Kelly’s “Quick and Easy Vegan Slow Cooking” cookbook offers great recipes for those nights when you forget to thaw that beef that’s in the freezer, or when vegan company might be coming or if you just feel like a meatless-Monday. The book has over 150 recipes in the expected categories like Soups, Stews and Chilis. But there are also chapters on Curries/Asian Dishes, Pasta Bakes, Grains/Sides. The Basic Recipes chapter includes spice mixes, soy creamer and seitan, and the To Serve With chapter reveals recipes you never thought you’d make in a slow cooker! You can try the Mediterranean Vegetable and Bean Stew in Carla’s article The Slow Cooker – Anywhere, All Year.

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