Cilio Champagne Stopper and Cilio Wine Stopper

These two almost identical wine accessories are supplied to Frieling USA by the German company Cilio-Tisch. They are called, alternately, Champagne Stopper and Wine Stopper.

The German word on the neat little box is Verschluss, which may be translated as seal, fastener, clasp, and, yes, stopper. Each does all of those. The Champagne Stopper is larger so it will fit over the wider mouth of a Champagne bottle. The Wine Stopper is smaller, for still table wines.

Both are stainless steel.  Both create an airtight seal and are leakproof.  Both help to preserve opened wines (bubbles as well, in the case of the Champagne Stopper).

All you need do is slide each one down over the mouth of your bottle. To open, press down on the release button at the top. Remove the stopper. Enjoy your wine. Again and again–these handy products are guaranteed for 5 years, no matter how many bottles you (re)open.