2019 Château Minuty M Rosé and 2019 Château Minuty Prestige Rosé

If you’re a wine drinker who considers rosé a seasonal pleasure (for me, it’s an any-season wine)…well, it’s summer, people (in the northern hemisphere), so you’d best get to it.

There can’t be a better place to start than with these two wines from the renowned Château Minuty.

Minuty is an estate in the world’s most highly regarded region for the production of rosé:  Provence.  The first rosé I ever drank (and have never forgotten) was beside the Mediterranean sea in Saint-Tropez, in 1973; Minuty’s vineyards overlook the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Minuty’s winemaker describes M Rosé as the quintessential Côtes de Provence Rosé.  By this is meant that it is pale, only tinged with pink, shy of visual effect (until light, preferably from the sun, shines through your glass, when the wine becomes translucently thrilling).

Minuty Prestige Rosé is similarly light in color.  In this, it is also similarly deceptive, as Provence rosés are known to be.

These are wines that look almost like water, tricksters, because when you taste them, just beyond your lips, they open up with a smooth blast of flavor, not so much rich as lush, with flowers and fruit.

M Minuty is more acidic, with a bit more grip than the Prestige, which is perfectly balanced between fruitiness and minerality.

These are wines with which you must must consider beginning your Season of Rosé.  Alone, or with food, they are the perfect way to welcome sunshine and splendor back into your life.



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