ChefSpecs and NiteSpecs

The print in cookbooks is sometimes frustratingly small. A pair of reading glasses can be a big help, but putting glasses on and off with greasy or floury hands will leave the lenses smeared and the frames caked. ChefSpecs makes this a non-issue, as they may be the world’s first dishwasher-safe eyeglasses. Available in a variety of magnification levels, their handsome classic frame is equally suitable for men and women. A magnetic holder will let you keep them within easy reach. When it’s time to wash up, pop them in the dishwasher and they’ll clean up like new.

ChefSpecs has a classy cousin for you to take out on the town. Dimly-lit restaurants have a nice ambiance, but there’s no romance in trying to read a menu by the light of your cell phone. NiteSpecs, available in five colors, look like ordinary reading glasses but have tiny hidden lights and batteries built into their frames. A flick of a switch at each temple casts an unobtrusive light onto a menu. The batteries last for 50 hours and replacements are easy to find, or sign up for a lifetime battery-replacement program. Savvy restaurants are now purchasing NiteSpecs to lend to diners, but a savvy diner will already have a pair of his or her own.

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