Sumptuous Syrups

Michelle Yacino Siudut

Michelle Yacino Siudut

Michelle enjoys harvesting her own food - both in the garden and in the field.

I was shopping at my local distillery and noticed some small bottles beside my favorite bourbon and rum. They were bottles of Sumptuous Syrups.

If you thought maple was the only delicious syrup to come from Vermont, you should stop what you’re doing and go to https://www.sumptuoussyrups.com/. Sumptuous Syrups are rich, concentrated simple syrups, made from the finest, freshest organic ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors.

Having found them at a distillery, my first thought was to use them in a cocktail. I became an immediate fan of their recipe for a Black Currant Martini. Other recipes on the website suggest adding the syrups to sangria, or even to water to flavor up a more healthy beverage.

After you’re done flavoring all sorts of drinks, the possibilities of what to do with these versatile and delicious syrups truly are endless. I’ve used the syrups straight on pancakes, and mixed them into salad dressing. I see a marinade for chicken in my future. These syrups are making me a more creative cook! Try one at a time or go all-in with the 5 bottle sample pack.

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