Sno-Spice Ice Cream Mix-ins

Jacob Dean

Jacob Dean

Jacob Dean is a food and travel writer and psychologist based in New York.

First published August 2016

I’m always leery of bottled confections because so often they’re laden with stabilizers, preservatives, and large amounts of sugar. The fact that SnoSpice ice cream mix-ins have none of these things gives it a significant advantage over its competitors. The six flavors include Turmeric’d, Lemon + Basil, Deep Chocolate Sea Salt, Cinnamon for Optimists, Cocoa Cayenne, and Pumpkin Carriage.

SnoSpice is meant to be shaken over ice cream and mixed simply with a spoon. Best used with vanilla ice cream (which offers the perfect base for highlighting flavors), the finely ground spice blends are nicely balanced, grit-free, and blend well with the ice cream; my favorite is Lemon + Basil. While it won’t provide the same experience as buying flavored ice cream, if you’re looking for a pop of flavor these spices perform admirably. Available individually or in sets of four or six different spices.

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