Salt Sampler Gift Set


J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works

The salt sampler gift set has six flavors of finishing salts in .5oz jars.

The coarse texture is perfect for seasoning your food just before eating to get the crunchiness and a pop of flavor.

Salt Sampler Gift Set 6 flavors:

Heirloom (plain) to use for everyday cooking

Applewood Smoked use to add a touch of sweet smokiness to your roasted meats and vegetable

Bourbon Barrel Smoked is a partnership with Smooth Ambler Distillery. The oak barrels add a strong smokiness to the salt

Ghost Pepper is just the right level of spiciness. Add a kick to eggs, potatoes, or a salad

Ramp is made with locally harvested wild Appalachian onions. Add to hamburgers, sliced vegetables, or fish.

Mushroom Herb is a partnership with Hernshaw Farms which is turning mine land to farm land with their mushroom blocks. A blend of several mushrooms, rosemary, thyme and black pepper. This salt is a natural for meats before cooking. It is also great on tofu and roasted vegetables.

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