Runamok Maple Premium Organic Maple Syrup from Vermont – Syrups, Bitters & Mixers

Denise Landis

Denise Landis

Denise Landis is the founder and editor in chief of The Cook's Cook. She has been a food editor and recipe tester for over 25 years.

Runamok Maple has taken traditional Vermont maple syrup and created a world of maple-based products most of us could not have imagined, producing smoked and barrel-aged varieties, infused maple syrups, mixers, and bitters.

Maple syrups infused with coffee, ginger root, makrut lime-leaf, and smoked chili pepper will inspire you to add maple to sauces, salad dressings, and recipes where you’d never before considered adding it.

Ease your anxiety about what to buy for that challenging person by giving them a Pairing Collection, each containing four syrups to pair with cheese, ice cream, cocktails, or tea. For the child or the romantic, put in your pre-order today for often-sold-out Sparkle Syrup, with edible sparkles. The newest batch is ready to be released for the holidays so get it while you can. Make sure to visit their web site for the latest and greatest creation as the new maple syrup season begins!

We are particularly enamored of the small and large maple syrup gift boxes. Corporate gifts, in specially-designed bottles, are also available. Laura Sorkin, who owns Runamok Maple with her husband Eric Sorkin, makes Challah French Toast with a batter that includes Sugarmaker’s Cut pure maple syrup, then tops the finished dish with an infused syrup. We tried it using a loaf of brioche instead of challah, and topped ours with Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup and fresh blueberries and raspberries, an outstanding combination that we will definitely be repeating especially on a lazy Sunday morning brunch at home these days.

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