Orchestra Provisions Artisan Cricket Seasonings

Orchestra Provisions seasoning blends are our new go-to favorites in the kitchen. The astonishing range of flavors — from Szechuan Cracked Pepper to Chai Spice to Za’atar — is what first attracted our attention, but the nutritional content from the addition of cricket powder is what elevates these from seasoning to ingredient.

Ground crickets have no flavor that is discernible to our palate, but they are nutrient-dense, high in iron and protein. Indeed, crickets — which have long been a food source in Asian countries — are increasingly applauded as a sustainable food source in the USA. Professional athletes turn to ground crickets as a powerful nutritional additive.

These ingenious spice blends, as flavorful as they are colorful, are a brilliant entry to a hot new trend. Once you try them, don’t be shy about sharing your new secret ingredients with your friends.

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