Okami Life Matcha Green Tea

Okami Life Organic Matcha Green Tea Courtesy photo

Matcha is finely powdered green tea prized for its high level of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and other health benefits. Matcha is typically produced in Japan and Taiwan, with Japanese matcha the most highly prized. Made into a beverage served hot or cold, matcha is also used in broths, sauces, rubs, ice cream, cookies, and other sweet and savory dishes.

The quality of matcha tea can vary widely. Imitations and low-quality products should be avoided, having poor color, gritty texture, and bitter or other undesirable flavors. Learning about the grades of tea and purchasing from a reputable dealer will ensure that you purchase a product with the excellent taste, creamy mouth-feel, and the brilliant green color of top-quality matcha.

Okami Life is based in Adelaide, Australia. Their organic matcha is produced for them in small runs in Shizouka, Japan, and is sold through retailers in Australia and online internationally. Their website has intriguing and unusual recipes such as Matcha Cucumber Lemonade and lowfat Matcha ice cream made with Greek yogurt. They also have a universally-appealing recipe for chocolates flavored and dusted with the fine emerald-green powdered tea leaves.

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Okami Life Matcha Green Tea  Photo credit: Eva Baughman