Fruit Fly BarPro

Denise Landis

Denise Landis

Denise Landis is the founder and editor in chief of The Cook's Cook. She has been a food editor and recipe tester for over 25 years.

Having been a professional recipe tester for over twenty-five years, I have well-stocked pantries in my basement and kitchen that include grains, nuts, and flours of all kinds. It’s been a constant battle to keep out the nasty little moths, commonly known as “pantry moths,” that eat their way into and out of plastic and paper containers of all kinds. Sticky traps are helpful, but do not eliminate pests that manage to evade them.

Fruit Fly BarPro strips were designed for use in restaurants to kill, by vapor, fruit flies and other pests – including pantry moths. Less than a week after hanging several in my kitchen and food storage areas, the moths had vanished.

Because Fruit Fly BarPro fly strips are intended for restaurant use, instructions note that they should not be used in areas where food is prepared. This is to comply with regulations to prevent fallen insects from landing on food preparation surfaces. These regulations do not apply to home kitchens, of course, and the usual wiping of cooking surfaces will keep your kitchen clean. The vapor released is non-toxic, safe for use around children, and EPA approved in all 50 states.

One hanging strip covers 200 cubic feet, and it is most effective in an enclosed area. A strip lasts for four months, after which it should be replaced. Fruit Fly Barpro, intended for commercial use, is sold accordingly in boxes of ten. Clean and odorless, it will keep moths, fruit flies, spiders, and cockroaches from making their home in yours.

Unopened strips will last for up to two years. Opened strips are effective for up to four months.

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