Best of the Best Domestic Caviar Assortment

Best of the Best Domestic Caviar

The Best of the Best Domestic Caviar Assortment Package allows you to enjoy an eclectic and unique tasting experience of four different premium caviars from the United States.
Each kit also comes with 1 mini Crème Fraîche, 16 Frozen Blinis, 1 traditional Mother of Pearl Spoon in a solid white sachet bag, and 1 Caviar Tasting Card, all packaged in a keepsake insulated Fulton Fish Market bag.

  • Paddlefish caviar has an olive green color, with a dense ocean flavor and firm texture.
  • Hackleback caviar is jet black with a sweet and buttery flavor.
  • California sturgeon caviar can be gray or dark brown, with a nutty flavor.
  • Salmon roe is deep orange in color with an intense ocean flavor and crisp pop.

The caviar is sourced from Paramount Caviar, who supply the world’s leading Michelin star restaurants, and now you can enjoy the same premium caviar at home.

Paramount Caviar visits each farm personally to observe the quality of the caviar they’re harvesting.

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