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Jacob Dean

Jacob Dean is a food and travel writer and psychologist based in New York.

If you ever walk into a high end supermarket and see a man standing in the homegoods section slowly browsing as if mesmerized, there’s a good chance it’s me. That is particularly true when it comes to fancy, leather-detailed canvas aprons, which to my combined pleasure and chagrin have begun to appear in more and more stores. I evaluate them, try them on, put them back, and generally act like an equivocating lunatic until the display is completely disheveled and I get pulled away, empty handed, by my more sensible wife.

The Brody apron is a product that would actually end up with me at the register. Made by Cayson Designs, a company that makes aprons, uniforms, and chef coats, the Brody has a number of features which have made it my go-to choice for my own home kitchen.

First off, this apron is made from 100% cotton “duck canvas”, a type of woven cloth that’s known for its visual appeal, durability, and longevity. I’ve been using the Brody on a daily basis for well over a month and the cotton has stayed wrinkle free the entire time, and it reacts well to spot cleaning. It also features a removable (!) leather neck strap which attaches via snaps made from nickel. Having the strap be removable may not seem like a big deal, but on far too many occasions I’ve encountered aprons where the leather straps are permanently attached, making machine washing impossible without doing wholesale damage to the leather.

The Brody also features a total of five pockets, including two large pockets at the waist suitable for dish towels and notepads, one perfectly sized for a wine opener, and a breast pocket which firmly holds two pens. The pockets are securely stitched and rivets are attractive and steadfast. This is not an apron that’s going to fall apart.

The Brody is also larger than many other aprons I’ve owned. At first a little disconcerting, I’ve really come to love it. The apron measures 40 inches long and 36 inches wide, with waist ties that are 39 inches long, meaning it comes down to around my calves and covers both my front and sides. At six-foot-two I’m a big guy and this apron fits comfortably, with waist ties long enough for me to be able to loop around my body and tie in a bow in front. The neck strap (which is 29 inches long) is also adjustable via a second set of snaps, which is a nice touch for those who want either a little more or a little less room in the neck.

The Brody is available in four colors and I’ve had a chance to test both the charcoal and the rust. Both are attractive choices, although I’ve found myself gravitating more toward the gray than the rust. Then again, sauce splatter stains on the rust are much less noticeable. The Brody retails for $52.00 and is only available online direct from Cayson Designs.

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