Wüsthof 8-inch Epicure Chef’s Knife

Jacob Dean

Jacob Dean

Jacob Dean is a food and travel writer and psychologist based in New York.

Chef’s knives are by far the items that get the most amount of use in my kitchen. The most recent addition is the 8-inch Epicure Chef’s Knife, which has all of the Wüsthof benefits – full tang, a solidly riveted handle, and excellent knuckle clearance, weight and balance – and is also distinguished by its materials and design.

The handles of Wüsthof’s Epicure collection are made from the durable and water-resistant wood composite used to make Epicurean cutting boards. The blades are made from high-carbon stainless steel with an invisible ceramic coating that helps protect against scratches and damage to the knife face.

Unlike the blade of a Wüsthof Grand Prix II, another favorite of mine, the Epicure 8-inch Chef’s Knife features a rounded, saber-like tip. This makes the tip of the knife particularly adept at doing work that requires small, delicate cuts. The blade is shaped well for a rocking motion, and I found myself making quick work of some cucumbers during a recent craving for tzatziki.

And if you take pride in your tools, note that the knife is aesthetically pleasing and is likely to catch the eye of anyone with whom you might share a kitchen.

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