Farberware Turkey Lacers

For me, the unassuming turkey lacer is the ultimate ‘tester’ of food doneness. The stainless steel pin slips in and out of the food leaving no big holes, with no loss of juices. Whether testing steaming vegetables, a roasting brisket, or a Brussels sprout, no resistance means “fully cooked.”

The lacer is also useful for gauging internal heat. When rewarming lasagna, for example, I stick the pin deeply into the center for a long moment, and if the pin feels hot when it comes out I know so is the lasagna. In addition, the lacers make great barbecue skewers for a cube or two of ‘whatever.’

I keep turkey lacers in a small container next to the stove. I prefer lacers with a round ring at the top, as they’re easier to grab. There are a number of kinds and styles, and most are quite inexpensive.