Berkel Red Line 250 Slicer

In 1898 W.A. Van Berkel invented the world’s first meat-slicing machine. After over 100 years, Berkel still means reliability, innovation, and durability, with attention to detail possible thanks to an entirely artisanal production process. The high-precision mechanical features enhance the quality of the sliced product and blend with the beauty and extraordinary appeal of Berkel slicers.

A Berkel slicer offers the superior functionality and design of an investment piece that, with proper care, can be expected to last a lifetime. For anyone seriously interested in charcuterie, a Berkel slicer may be the ultimate in tool-as-art, as aesthetically pleasing as a sculpture.

The Berkel Red Line Electric Food Slicer is compact, with built-in millimeter slice thickness adjustment system for slicing cold cuts, fish, veggies, fruits, and cheese. It has a chromed steel blade and built-in sharpener. Shipping is free to any location within the contiguous United States.



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