Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

No more scrubbing your microwave clean! Angry Mama has attitude and gets things done. This is one of those kitchen gadgets that you may, upon first glance think, Really? They’re trying to sell me a giant lego to clean my microwave?

The answer is yes, and she works.

Angry Mama is straightforward and no-nonsense. Simply fill her with vinegar and water and place her in your microwave. As soon as you press the start button, steam will come shooting out of her head to soften and loosen whatever mess has splashed on the ceiling or walls of your microwave.

Angry Mama is made with heat-resistant materials and is dishwasher safe. She eliminates heavy-duty cleaning chemicals and cuts down your cleaning time. Whatever was stuck in your microwave will easily wipe away after 5-8 minutes – no scrubbing necessary.

After using Angry Mama once, I predict she’ll remain on your counter, hands on her hips, waiting for the next chance to blow off steam.

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