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Rösle Torch

A serious cook needs a serious kitchen torch, and not just for the fun of melting sugar into a glassy candy topping on crème brulee. A torch can be used for browning a fully cooked chicken with too-pallid skin, adding color to meats prepared by sous vide, charring the edges of baked vegetables, and depositing a wave of luscious caramel color to the surface of a meringue pie.

All kitchen torches are not equally effective. Some are hard to fill with liquid fuel, some simply don’t get very hot or hold a continuous flame. The Rösle kitchen torch is exceptionally well-made and easy to use. Easy to fill without spillage, with a safety switch, adjustable flame, and setting for continuous use, it’s also compact and nicely weighted in the hand. And with a flame that can heat up to 1300°C (2372°F), it may be the kitchen tool that ramps up your game that much closer to restaurant-quality.

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