All-Clad 4 quart Chef’s Pan with Domed Lid

It’s unfortunate many sets of cookware don’t include a chef’s pan, as it’s one of the most versatile pans a person can own. This version by All-Clad has all their typical bells and whistles (triple-ply construction for even heat distribution and incredible durability, oven safe up to 600° F, and a lifetime warranty) but the design itself also provides significant benefits. High, sloped sides makes it great for both stir-frying ingredients and reducing sauces, and the angle of the pan’s walls also mean you can whisk without worrying about sauce or other food getting caught in tight corners, as can happen with traditional sauce pans. The large, domed lid makes steaming a breeze. Versatile, well-made, and beautifully designed, this pan will last a lifetime and is a great gift for any cook.

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