The Forest Feast For Kids: Colorful Vegetarian Recipes that are Simple to Make

Kale Tacos, Watermelon Smoothies, Rainbow Chard Quiche, and Pesto Pepper Pizza. Yes, your kids can learn to make all of these, and your whole family will enjoy them! New York Times bestselling author and food blogger Erin Gleeson’s book will teach children how to make rustic, simple, and delicious food. If your family does not eat meat, or you simply want to increase your family’s vegetable intake, this book will help your child learn about vegetarian cooking. The book contains 20 recipes with easy-to-follow instructions. Kids will learn about cooking techniques, measurements, and other kitchen aides. They also may get some ideas for their parties. The book is filled with vibrant photographs of Gleeson’s home in the woods and of children cooking these dishes.

For foodies, the kids of foodies, for all the kids in your life, consider this book. Parents.com says, “Have you ever wanted to crawl into a cookbook and live in its world? That’s how I feel when I page through Erin Gleeson’s gorgeous The Forest Feast for Kids.”

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