Frieling French Press

J. D. Landis

J. D. Landis

J. D. Landis' thousand+ bottles of wine are kept in a crawl space, in which he often bumps his head.

I’ve made home-brewed coffee in many different ways over much time, from stovetop espresso makers to hand-held espresso makers to manual pour-over coffee makers to, in the end and most faithfully, a French press.

I love the French press’s simple process, simple cleaning, sensual participation (pushing down upon the shaft of the plunger at just the right time with just the right amount of pressure, down to that final, barely perceptible crunch).

And now I have a new love among many previous loves:  the Frieling Insulated Double-Walled Dual-Filtration Stainless Steel French Press.

No sediment; no glass beaker to break (on the counter or in the sink or dishwasher); no plastic beaker to get clouded; no cage from which to have to remove the beaker for cleaning; no swift cooling down of coffee waiting to be poured; nothing to have to hand wash.

This polished beauty holds 36 ounces.  Since a cup of coffee is a standard 5 ounces (and not the standard U.S. measurement cup of 8 ounces), you will get, as it even says on the handsome box, 6 to 7 servings.  If they’re all for you, they’ll stay warm waiting for you to pour your next cup.  


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