Punk Rock Marthas

The Punk Rock Marthas formed on a high school campus in Los Angeles in 2007. This group of energetic and spirited young people perform good deeds of all kinds, from feeding the homeless to picking up litter. They call it “guerilla philanthropy.” Their short video is both touching and inspiring.

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Sogni Culinari

Sogni Culinari, inspired by Pedro Mercado’s poem Sueños Culinarios, embodies everything I love about unexpected–and uninvited–internet media. It’s short, with a total run of only three minutes and seven seconds, a do-able amount of time to dedicate to a distraction. It’s narrated by a man with an accent so sumptuous that I’d like to hire him to record my voicemail inbox message. Bonus points are also awarded for such brief and unexpected nudity it necessitated […]

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Heartbeet Lifesharing

Heartbeet is a vibrant lifesharing Camphill community and licensed therapeutic residence that includes adults with developmental disabilities and interweaves the social and agricultural realms for the healing and renewing of our society and the earth. Community members live and work together, in beautiful extended family households, forming a mutually supportive environment that enables each individual to discover and develop his or her unique abilities and potential. This video was done by one of their residents […]

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Food for All DC

What a great way to spend a Saturday morning — helping to deliver food to home-bound people in need. If you don’t live in the Washington DC area, Food for All DC may inspire you to begin a similar organization in your own city or town.

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how2heroes: Duck Confit

Confit (pronounced con-fee) originated as a French method of preserving meat. Now it’s just a way to make delicious, fall-off the bone duck. In this version, duck is salt cured and then cooked slowly in rendered fat, resulting in incredible flavor. This method also works well with chicken, pork and goose. Eat with a salad, add to sandwiches, serve with charcuterie. Lots of options!

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The Cook’s Cook featuring Chef Nicholas Calias

Certified Executive Chef Nicholas Calias leads the culinary operation at The Colonnade Hotel and Brasserie Jo in Boston, Massachusetts. In this video he demonstrates a recipe for steamed cod wrapped in Savoy cabbage, served with a mustard veloute.

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