Simple Vegetable Casserole with Parmesan Cheese and Basil Oil

Having been a trained French chef for over 37 years, I am overwhelmed with the amount of both hype and good sound information there is today about the best way to eat for good health. The Internet is loaded with honest and helpful information about food and diets, but also contains extreme ideas about food. But the bottom line is, I think, that a healthy balance is still the key to optimum health. When I […]

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The term pierogi simply means “filled dough” or “filled pies,” the word itself most likely stemming from pierog (pie). This generality offers pierogi a certain degree of versatility. While Italian filled pastas such as agnolotti, tortellini, and cannelloni require very specific shaping, pierogi can be shaped freely and filled with nearly anything. The most common variety, pierogi ruskie (Russian style), are filled with potato, onion, and cheese; however, Polish pierogi often contain sauerkraut, meat, or even fruit fillings.

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Oh, Mother Sauce!

Emilie is my chief child-wrangler (aka babysitter), the reason I can do my job, and keep my household out of chaos. She is also completely lost in the kitchen. She never learned how to cook and, now that she is pregnant, she feels like she should. I have volunteered to help her get started. Last night I was browsing my first-year textbook for ideas…and got stuck in the sauce section [and] the Five Mother Sauces: Béchamel, Espangnole (brown sauce), Hollandaise, Tomato, and Veloute. Those Mothers are exactly what all cooks need.

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Moloka‘i Purple Sweet Potato Piele

Uala, or sweet potato, was one of the original plants brought to the Hawaiian Islands by the first Polynesian settlers. It was and still remains a staple in the Hawaiian diet, with ancient Hawaiians cultivating close to 200 different varieties.

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A Czechoslovakian Appetizer from Alena Surgeon

I started cooking when I was six years old, growing up in Czechoslovakia. I wasn’t like other children, who read story books. Instead, I loved to look at cookbooks and the photos of food, imagining how the recipes were made. I dreamed about how they were put together and cooked to look like the pictures. […]

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