7 Simple Recipes for a Healthy Lifestyle

Human beings can eat a wide variety of foods, but that does not mean that they are equally fit for human consumption.  There are ideal foods for humans that, in addition to being nourishing, help maintain health and prevent diseases. At the same time there are diets that can lead to an onset of lifestyle-related ailments.  A change in your diet can be the key to unlocking the door to high-level health. Below are 7 […]

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Warm Memories of Iceland

In New Jersey, winter is not considered the most wonderful time of the year. After the Christmas lights come down and the New Year’s Eve ball has dropped, it is a long way to the first signs of spring. Typically, Americans escape freezing December weather to more tropical destinations. Maybe Mexico, Turks and Caicos, or even sunny Florida at the very least! However, my husband had a different kind of radiating light on his mind: […]

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Dinner Under the Stars Made Easy

When I think about camping there are a lot of positive memories that come up – watching the sunset, the smell of a smoky campfire, long hikes with beautiful views. But hardly ever do I think of delicious food being associated with camping (besides s’mores, arguably one of the most delicious processed food combinations ever). I wanted to disprove the idea that camping means eating beans and weenies out of a can hunched over a […]

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This is Kitchen!

Wanna be a chef? Do you watch the big network and cable cooking shows and competitions and think to yourself, “I want to do that! I want to create innovative recipes and presentations and sell them to the people and make lots of money and maybe one day, if I play my cards right, become a celebrity chef!”? If you do think this to yourself, you should consider the following: You have to work in […]

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An Opening Night Cake

I’m in the process of setting up my cake decorating business, My Fair Cakery, having done it for several years on a low-key friends-and family-basis, and having been hounded to make it all more official. I decided to try and couple it with my second love of the theatre–and what better place to start than with the smash hit Elephant Man starring Bradley Cooper, Allessandro Nivola and Scott Lowell?

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A Trip Back to Little Italy

I want you to join me in a trip back in time to ‘Little Italy,’ where I lived with my family. Our Little Italy was in the United States, on the north side of Syracuse, New York, and was on the second floor of Highland Street. The family home was simple and quiet as you looked up from the street, but as you made the difficult journey up the driveway, through the side door and […]

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A Blended Food Family

My husband, son, and I are a blended family. I am not talking about a previously married or divorced-and-remarried kind of family; we are a food-blended family of meat-eaters and a vegetarian…I work a full-time job, and making two meals every night–one for them and one for me–is not in the cards. To ease this period of my day I have adapted plant-based meals so that they are also meat-friendly. I can cook once and feed everyone!

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Southern Biscuits

[My] experience with southern food came through my Savannah, Georgia-raised mother-in-law. She made Southern comfort foods like cornbread (real cornbread, not a boxed mix), and Thanksgiving was a whole new world of dressings and desserts. Though everything she made was delicious, nothing could have prepared me for the near-religious experience of the real Southern biscuit.

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A Taste of Old Italy

As my hunger grows in thinking about my lunch, I want to share with you one of my favorite tastes of Italy that can be enjoyed at anytime or anywhere, offering you a connection to the country itself, like an edible picture of the hillside. Sitting here looking out at the rolling hills of Italy in the Gargano region, I think that food is the best tool I have to help lead you to the […]

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Red Chicken

I went to Mexico with my two best girlfriends from college because we were turning thirty. Over our twenties we’d shared houses, huts, and tents, we’d drunk too much whiskey, stayed up all night in Ireland and Tennessee, introduced each other to future spouses, taught each other how to cook scrambled eggs properly, worn costumes and sang loudly, slurped countless oysters, helped stretch each other into our adult selves. Thirty had gravity. We said we […]

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