The Smoking Gun Handheld Food Smoker

Jacob Dean

Jacob Dean

Jacob Dean has graduate degrees in forensic and clinical psychology, has studied film-making and criticism, works as a product reviewer and professional recipe tester, and enjoys writing about international travel.

The Smoking Gun handheld food smoker from Polyscience might, at first glance, seem like yet another hifalutin’ gastronomic gadget. The reality, though, is that this small, incredibly easy-to-use handheld device provides a method of food preparation that is unattainable in virtually any other way. Powered by four AA batteries and operated using a single switch, The Smoking Gun provides a simple method for adding natural smoked flavor to any food or beverage. Simply fill the mesh-lined hole in the barrel with your aromatic of choice, light using a match or lighter, and use the detachable hose to pipe cold, fragrant smoke into a cling-wrap covered vessel. The lack of heat means that no additional cooking will occur and only a few short minutes of exposure is enough to imbue your food or drinks with added flavor, whether they are fish, meat, cheese, salad, or even mixed drinks.

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