Instant Pot Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker

Eva Baughman

Eva Baughman

Eva Baughman has worked as a mom, a pastry chef and a recipe tester. She enjoys travel and nature photography.

Instant Pot

As a long time practitioner of pressure cooking and the owner of an older electric pressure cooker, I wondered if the Instant Pot would live up to the hype and giddy adoration of its fans. I put it through its paces with my tried-and-true recipes and now understand why there are so many extremely satisfied customers.

Some of the highlights: I especially appreciate the heavy-duty, top quality stainless steel removable liner – so much sleeker and hygienic than my clunky teflon-coated cast aluminum one. The very easy to lock lid is much lighter and more precisely fitted than my previous cooker’s. Its handy built-in docking slot securely holds the hot, drippy lid out of the way upon opening – brilliant!

The easy to use control panel, and an array of pre-programmed functions such as: “Soup”, “Poultry,” “Stew,” “Rice,” “Yogurt,” etc., serve to inspire. Programmed or manually set, the process is nearly effortless with magically fast results. So, yes, I predict you will be very satisfied with owning an Instant Pot, especially if you do one more thing:

Please, if tasty and properly cooked food is important to you, buy a cookbook written by a pressure cooking expert. I’ve seen many online recipes from collections labeled “All Time 100 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes!!” with wildly incorrect cooking times. One example: a recipe for meatballs which called for 15 minutes of cooking at high pressure. Pressure cooking guru, Lorna Sass, instructs to cook meatballs for 1 minute at high pressure with a 4 minute natural release! I have enjoyed using Lorna Sass’ book, “Pressure Perfect,” for years – just be sure to follow her recipe adjustment for electric pressure cookers included in the book’s introduction. Bon appétit!

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