Denise Landis

Denise Landis

Denise Landis is the founder and publisher of The Cook’s Cook. She was a food editor and recipe tester for over 25 years.

Frywall is a heat-resistant silicone shield that can be placed in a frying pan to prevent splatters.

Available in 10-inch or 12-inch sizes, each size will actually fit pans that are approximately that diameter.

Packaged rolled-up in a small sleeve, the 12-inch size seemed disconcertingly large and floppy when I first unfurled it. I set it aside for the next time I was going to use my skillet, and set to work making a tomato sauce that had to be cooked uncovered until reduced and thickened.

As usual, the sauce began to gurgle menacingly, then bubble, then spit. As I wiped up the first ugly spatters from my stove, I wondered if the Frywall would fit into the wide pan of sauce. It did, fitting firmly and perfectly, and not another drop of sauce landed anywhere but on the inside of the Frywall. The sauce reduced exactly as it always has. Genius! I recommend it highly.

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