Chef’s Choice Ceramic & Steel Model 700 Electric Knife Sharpener

Denise Landis

Denise Landis

Denise Landis is the founder and publisher of The Cook’s Cook. She was a food editor and recipe tester for over 25 years.

Photo credit: Eva Baughman

Fans of ceramic knives, rejoice! There is now an electric sharpener for these handy, lightweight knives that hones the blades to a super-sharp 15° edge.

I tested the sharpener on my three favorite ceramic knives, all of which, until now, I’ve used sparingly in order to preserve their edges for when I really need them. After less than a minute of sharpening, the edge of each knife felt sharper than when it was new.

The Chef’s Choice Ceramic + Steel Knife Sharpener 700 isn’t just for ceramic knives. It will put the same keen edge on all knives, including steel and serrated blades, and will work on any size knife from pocket knives to long slicing blades. Lightweight, easy to handle, and easy to use, it will keep all of your knives, ceramic and steel, sharp and ready for when you need them.

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