“For Us It Is Good”: An Afternoon with Jacques Pepin

by Jacob Dean

“Hello, I’m Jacques Pepin.” I had been preparing for this moment for weeks. Books and articles had been read, notes taken, internet videos watched. I’d sought inspiration for questions from a select group of friends, both in the restaurant world and outside, who were sworn to secrecy. The trunk of my car held everything I…

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Chef Bun

Chef Bun Lai’s Sustainable World

by Sarah Anderson

In a single evening at Miya’s Sushi in New Haven, Connecticut, I drank pine-needle-infused sake, ate pumpkin-miso soup, kelp-and-octopus salad, carp rib, shore crab (an invasive species), and carp sashimi served on a wooden board. The mix of hot and cold dishes symbolized climate change. Eating at Miya’s, the first sustainable sushi restaurant in the…

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