West Indian Beach Picnic

by Taymer Mason

As idyllic as they may seem, I have always thought of picnics as laborious undertakings that were not worth the trouble. It was not until one day I was back home in Barbados and spotted a couple on a picnic that I changed my mind. It was midday on the West ‘Platinum’ Coast, and the…

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Rijsttafel: The Dutch-Indonesian Rice Table

by Georgeanne Brennan

A recent business trip to Bali brought me a long-awaited dining experience. Many years ago, as a young couple visiting Amsterdam, my husband and I longingly read the lengthy menus posted at restaurants serving rijsttafel, the Dutch-Indonesian rice table. Sambals, curries, pickled vegetables, soups, rice dishes, fish, coconut – this list went on, and sadly,…

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Colonial fireplace

Kitchen History: The Colonial Country Kitchen

by Sandra Tarbox

In colonial America, the kitchen, with its large cooking fireplace, was the focal point of the home. Snug, inviting, with the aroma of cooking food on the hearth, the kitchen provided shelter, warmth, and nourishment. It was where generations converged, the center of production for the family’s provisions. A woman might have kneaded bread while…

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