Mark Vorderbruggen, PhD

Father, forager, husband, chemist, adventurer, and highly productive insomniac…Dr. Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen doesn’t have time to sleep. Having learned foraging from his parents, this skill is now shared with thousands through classes, his website, and also now with his book, Idiot’s Guide: Foraging. When not collecting plants he’s using their naturally occurring compounds to replace less environmentally friendly chemicals in the oil/gas industry, leading to a number of patents.

Articles by Mark

From Texas to Minnesota: A Forager on the Road

“Eyes on the road, Dad.” “What makes you think they weren’t?” I reply to my 13-year old daughter. “I saw the chicory and figured you’d be staring at…

Books by Mark

Idiot's Guide: Foraging

This book covers 70 common plants and mushrooms that are easily found in yards, vacant lots, and small woods all across North America. You won’t need to go off into the deep, remote forests for these delicious wild edibles. Each plant is identified in detail with 5-7 big, full-color pictures and if there’s a potential dangerous mimic, it is included and pictured, too.

Thirty amazing recipes are also found among the pages of this beautiful book. You’ll be making soups, drinks, salads, desserts and other dishes that surpass the expectations of your “foodie” friends. How cool is that?! And don’t forget, wild plants are GMO-free!