Maria Speck

Maria Speck

Cookbook author Maria Speck is the author of Simply Ancient Grains—Fresh and Flavorful Whole Grain Recipes for Living Well. Her first book, Ancient Grains for Modern Meals (both by Ten Speed Press), won multiple awards, among them the coveted Julia Child Award and the Health and Special Diet award from the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP), as well as a Gourmand Award.

Raised in Greece and Germany, Maria has a lifelong passion for whole grains. She is a veteran journalist and food writer, and has contributed to Gourmet, Saveur, and Gastronomica. For more visit

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The Appeal of Ancient Wheat: Why Spelt, Emmer, Einkorn, and Kamut® Return to Our Table

Have you ever tried Kamut® or einkorn wheat? Just a few years ago this question would have elicited blank stares or perhaps a perplexed “huh?” Today, bloggers are…